Monday, 19 September 2011

That last Long Run

I was unsure about where I was going to doing my last long run this week, so when I woke up on Sunday morning, I figured that heading to Salthill and following the Galway Bay Half Marathon course, would be the ideal way to go. No better way to get accustomed with the course than to give it a craic, well the first 12 miles anyways:)
Grattan Rd as the rain was about to hit
I parked up on the Claddagh, a beautifully quiet 10 am and Salthill was still waking up. I finally had a stretch and thought "this is a lovely way to start the day" and off I went. I always seem to notice that it takes awhile for me to get comfortable with my breathing and usually takes 2-3 km before I settle into it. But when you finally get over that, you start to find your stride.

The first loop of the course was relatively pain free, bar a sharp enough crosswind when returning to the Claddagh, but its always good to get this out of the way and prepare for the real thing. One thing you can't dictate for in Ireland is the weather so needed to be prepared for all sorts :) The first bit of discomfort would be around the second loop of the caravan park, where the hill came into play and started to drag myself up it for the second time (god I hate hills, even small ones). When i got over it there's that lovely drop back down to the sea and off I went, which was miles more comfortable for me. I knew as I crossed the Prom is that once I started out onto Mutton Island, i would be heading for the 18km mark, which spurred me on more, as I started up the walkway of the Prom I figured to keep going until i got off it again and pulled up. 19.3 km done, painful - yes, satisfying - yes and the furthest I've ever run....all in all a very good day.

Now if only I can do that for the Half Marathon next month!!!

Location: Galway Bay Half Marathon Route
Distance: 12 miles (19.3km)
Pace: 8:44 p/mile
Time: 1:44:53


  1. Fair play a Mháirtín, sin iontach! Beidh tú réitithe go maith don mhí seo chugainn

  2. Mar a dúirt daoine a cinnt liom ar ball, níl fiú coicís fágtha. Bíonn an t-am ag imeacht uaim thart a bheith tapa.