Thursday, 29 September 2011

2 days and 2 miles (and a bit)

So its less than 48 hours now until the half marathon, and took a short run last night to make sure the legs were still loose and not starting to seize up on me. I kept it local as I've been doing for the last few weeks, but think I need some variety in my runs from now on or I'll go mad :)

I took a short run up to the pitch and up to the Caladh Thaidhg turn last night and jogged home. It was a nice night for a jog, cool and a slightly stiff breeze on the return home. These short runs sort of throw me as I feel I'm only getting started and then I'm finished for the day. But I suppose its better to keep the long miles in the tank for 11am on Saturday when I really need them.

Location: Carraroe
Distance: 2.28 miles ( 3.66 km)
Pace: 8:36 p/mile
Time: 19:38

The funny thing  is I reckon my mind is starting to play tricks on me now, every little twinge that comes and goes convincing me that something is wrong. But am feeling good today, hopefully that's a sign of the nerves disappearing.

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