Friday, 16 September 2011

Nearly there

As I write this it's starting to dawn on me that my first half-marathon is only 2 weeks away. This may not seem like a challenge to some more seasoned runners, but considering this time last year i could barely run across the road without looking for an oxygen tank I'm very happy with the progress I've made. However the more i think about it now, the more my nerves are starting to come into play. I start to question whether i've trained enough? Have I done everything I can to make a decent go of it? I guess these are the sort of questions that creep into the mind of a first timer, so hopefully they will disappear closer to the time.

5.7 miles through Carraroe

Anyways, I got a few miles in this week, not as many as I'd like due to other commitments (plus a head cold that i finally seemed to have shaken) but went out last night to get a run in. I settled on doing two loops of Carraroe last night just to get some miles in. The one thing I like about Carraroe as opposed to running in Salthill would be the slight inclines that are on the main road, these can be deceptively tough but at least force me to work a little harder in my runs, especially when the second loop comes around.

The other thing I've noticed lately is that I seemed to have abandoned the water bottle on these runs now, it seems that as long as I take on board plenty of water during the day I don't need it for these runs. So am considering that progress in my book:)

Location: Carraroe Loop x2
Distance: 5.72 miles (9.2 km)
Pace: 9:27 p/mile
Time: 54:06

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