Wednesday, 7 September 2011

One Blustery Run

It looks like the Winter has finally arrived on the West coast, although depending on who you ask they would insist it never left in the first place. It was a combination of elements last night that made for a pretty rough run, and reminds me that I've been very lucky with the weather so far with regards training, although I get the feeling that's about to run out.

Am pretty sure this should have wet and blustery added to it

I was wondering as I finished work yesterday would the wind let up a bit and allow me on my way, it didn't inspire me when i was driving home that i could feel the wind beat the side of the car and push it slightly from side to side. All i could think of was where would the wind launch me if it got half a chance :)

I sat about till about 8 p.m and figured things were not going to get much better, so on with the hoody and hat (this looks like its going to become a regular feature, bye bye summer) and off I went. I opted to do two loops locally stretch the run out for 9km, as any hope of travelling to Inverin for some runs seems to be gradually fading, much like the length of the days at the moment.

I took off anyways, and got onto the road, i was feeling fairly sore still from the run on Saturday and I reckon that was down to a lack of stretching on my part, ah well live and learn. The run itself was fine to a point, anywhere that had cover was relatively comfortable to run but when I got into the open areas I could feel the crosswind pushing me to one side and slowing me down, especially anywhere that a slight incline was on the road.

As i was into my second loop, pretty fed up with the wind at this point, just to add a little bit more of annoyance to the fact I had another 3km to go I could start to feeling drops of rain that eventually turned into a pretty heavy shower. At this point i could do nothing but trudge on and attempt to get to the end, eventually coming back to where I started my run -  and am pretty sure somebody up there was mocking me, because as soon as I got back and finished my run didn't the rain stop. Still another 5.5 miles done in what could only be described as blustery,wet,windy and cold - can never be accused of lack of dedication I suppose :)

Location: Carraroe Loop x2
Distance: 5.61 miles (9.03km)
Pace: 10:02 p/mile (so so so slow)
Time: 56:19


  1. Winter? Summer is going to an end! And then there's Autumn :) Great blog!
    I've just found your running blog through Brendan's website.
    Have nice runs!

  2. Hi Giorgio, thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately Autumn seemed to not bother showing up this year:)