Friday, 9 September 2011

Early Run (For a change)

Anyone that knows me will definitely vouch for the fact I'm not a morning person, so was pleasantly surprised to see myself get out of bed at 7:40 (not early for some I know) to sneak a quick run in before work. I have taken a break since Tuesday's run as I've been feeling a bit under the weather and figured it'd be easier to get a run in this morning as I won't be home in the evening.

Short Run this morning

Out the door I went at 8 am, figuring a short run this morning would do me the world of good to get back into it. Looking out i figured a t-shirt, hoody and shorts would be the order of the day, as it was a bit breezy,overcast and pretty much crappy all round weather. Out i went and started on my way, still a bit of soreness in my legs for some reason - i really need to start stretching on the off days just to make sure i'll be okay for my longer runs. Any suggestions for good stretches would be much appreciated.

I made it to the main road and i'm always surprised how quiet Carraroe is at 8 in the morning, i would expect plenty of activity but all I met on my first two miles was a council truck resurfacing the road  and that was about it really, but that said i love it when its like that, makes the run all the better when the place feels like it deserted. Only when i got into my third mile at about 8:20 that things started to get busy and I was heading back towards home that time. It was a nice way to start to morning, but i regretted the hoody in the end, was cooked by the time i finished the run. Ah well live and learn.

Location: Carraroe
Distance: 3.11 miles (5.01 km)
Pace: 9:01 p/mile
Time: 28:05

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