Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Back to Bothúna

Thankfully my legs seem to have recovered from my Sunday run around Salthill and met up with the gang from Trisport last night for a run in Spiddal. The plan was to head from Spiddal, up Bothúna, across the bog, down Saile Thúna and back towards Spiddal. This would be a solid 6.8km with some good hard hills to keep the legs working.

We all met up at 7 pm and took off through Spiddal out towards the turn up Bothúna, I decided to try and keep up with the main group of three that took the lead on this run and kept with them as much as possible for the first 2km of the steady climb upwards on this road. As we reached the turn for the bog road, they were still in sight and attempted to keep up with them, but as they were well seasoned runners at this point gradually the distance began to open out between us. The upside of this was that it forced me to work harder and attempt (and fail miserably) to catch up with them. As i crossed the bog road, i loved how peaceful it is, not a car in sight, nor would they attempt to drive up this pothole riddled road. The only thing was a strong wind against me as I ran here, but I thought to myself "this will be behind me pushing me back into Spiddal".

I finally got on the road to Saile Thúna after crossing the bog road, and was downhill for the majority of the way, much to the relief of my legs. I eventually turned back onto the main road for Spiddal and could feel the wind behind me and had plenty left in the legs, although the group in front of me were long gone, I pushed on regardless, trying to keep going at a good pace and seeing the finishing point getting closer, until eventually i got there. Happy enough with the run, and the time, considering it was a hard hill run (for me anyways).

Location: Spiddal - Bothúna - Saile Thúna - Spiddal
Distance: 4.25 miles (6.8 km)
Pace: 8:35 p/mile

As a side note, going back to the Ironman that was in Galway a few weeks back, just seen this great report on it - - nice piece of reading.

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