Tuesday, 13 September 2011

4 miles and a breeze

Despite the fact I'm nursing a head cold, I just had to get out and have a run. It was the start of the Fit4Life season again last night in Galway so I figured a group run would be the ideal thing to keep me going and try and open up the lungs and get rid of this head cold.

As it was the new season, plenty of new faces were to be seen last night, our group consisted of about 30-40 runners starting at 10:30 p/mile pace and down to about 10 minutes per mile. So a nice and steady start to the season. Although i would imagine that the headwind we had to compete with slowed a lot of us down significantly. But the one upside was when we arrived on the Dangan campus which belongs to the local university, the wind died down significantly due to the cover from the trees. All in all a nice first run back with the group, just need to pick up the pace over the Winter and we'll be sorted :)

Location: Westside to Dangan loop
Distance: 4.0 miles
Pace: 9:50 p/mile
Time: 39:23


  1. Fair plé dhuit a Mháirtín - sin an bealach is fearr le fáil réidh leis an slaghdán!

  2. Dá mbeadh mé suite sa mbaile bheadh mé bailigh craiceáilte, rud ar bith seachas a bheith ag suí thart.