Friday, 14 October 2011

Running around Town

Its been a lazy week for me this week again, i really need to start pulling my thumb out and start putting in more mileage to keep the legs going over the next few months. I'd hate to have to start again from scratch come January.

I went for another Fit4Life session last night and was glad to do it, it got the legs going again and definitely felt pretty fast pace which suited me down to the ground. We went from Westside Library out towards the Westwood Hotel and out the Moycullen road for approximately 2.3 miles. This is an excellent route as it consists some steady and sharp inclines. I noticed that my hill running has improved a bit, i don't suffer as much as i used to and can even push on a bit going up them, always good progress in my books.

Anyways we reached about 2.3 miles and had to turn back as the street lights we rapidly running out and was too dangerous for the entire group to be running blind. The pace going back seemed rapid enough and just kept ploughing along. Felt great as we finished up, real good pacey run.

Location: Westside Library out Moycullen Road
Distance: 4.8 miles (approx)
Pace: 8:45 p/mile
Time: 42:00

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