Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Chilly nights

Part of me always enjoys the early parts of the Winter when you can sneak in a run before it gets dark. Last night was one of those nights when it was ideal for running. Cold, dry and crisp (with a possibility of hail to add some fear) was the order of the evening as I headed out for a quick run just to get the legs moving again.

I settled on going down to Tismeain beach this time for a run, the simple reason being I never ran the route as it was usually too dark to do it. But last night was ideal, so figured I would give it a go. The route itself is relatively flat, with slight inclines climbing up most the way, but nothing too taxing thank god. As you reach the beach it rolls downhill fairly quickly so always helps. The run back then would be a fair bit tougher as you are competing with the hills from the beach going back up. But was one of those nights where they didn't bother me, just was glad to get out in lovely winter weather like that.

Location: Cuileain to Tismeain Beach
Distance: 4.21 miles (6.77 km)
Pace: 9:01 p/mile
Time: 37:59

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