Tuesday, 11 October 2011

5 miles

Took a run in with the Fit4Life group last night to get the legs going after the 10k on Saturday. Since the Winter evenings have kicked in, all trip to Dangan for running have been put off now and its back to the streets for training this Winter. I have moved up into the Intermediate group and the pace is noticeably different but none the less, nothing too uncomfortable to maintain over a distance which I consider good progress in my books.   

5.34 mile run
We left from the library in Westside, and decided that we would head up towards the Western Distributor Rd, which was ideal with very short subtle inclines which suited me down to the ground. The plan was that we would go as far as Blake Roundabout on the Clybaun Rd and turn there, but as we got there some of us settled on heading up and finishing at the next Roundabout just to get the extra mile in. Was glad to do this, as was thinking the run was a bit short to begin with. As we reached the Roundabout on the Cappagh Rd and turned you could feel more comfortable coming back, as the incline was slightly downhill and the stiff breeze was behind me. 

All in all a good night's running to start the week, a solid 5 and a bit miles. 

Location: Westside Library to Clybaun Rd
Distance: 5.34 miles (8.59km)
Pace: 10:14 p/mile
Time: 54:41

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