Thursday, 25 August 2011

Night Run

I hadn't originally planned to stick a run in last night but for some strange reason after getting home at 10 o'clock I just fancied stretching the legs and sneaking in a couple of miles, some would probably call it an affliction, I would call it an addiction :)

Anyways when I got home i settled on retreading an old route which I used to do when I started running last winter, plenty of street lamps so that i didn't have to wander too far off the beaten track. So i parked up and off i went, first time in a long time i wore a hat and hoody for a run which was strange in itself. It's a nice feeling to just  hit the road and get a few miles in, even the wind and cold don't bother me anymore. Going through Carraroe it was so quiet, but just made the run more pleasant for me.

Location: Short Run - Carraroe
Distance: 3.5 miles (5.62 km)
Pace: 10:26 p/mile
Time: 36:34

Back out again tonight for a group run around Spiddal, has just pelted down rain here -  so here's hoping for some dry spells even for 45 minutes tonight :)

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