Friday, 26 August 2011

Bogs of Spiddal

Never realised there was bogs up in Spiddal until last night, and some big potholes to boot, which the rain didn't help matters with, so plenty of bog hopping last night :)

Anyways I met up with the local athletics club Tríspórt last night at 7:30 to join them for a group run. Running on your own can be a bit tiring at times and enjoy heading out with them whenever i get the chance. Even the threat of a torrential downpour last night that thankfully didn't materialize didn't deter me.

The course itself was a 7KM run. We ran on the main Spiddal to Inverin road and turned right at the pier road and went up Bohoona for 2KM. At the top of Bohoona we turned left and continued across a bog trail for 1.5KM and then turned left again and went down Salathúna for 1.5KM. This took us out on the main Galway road and headed back to Spiddal for 2KM.

This was a new route for me and thought it was great, always love a change of variety in my routes and the lads and ladies of Tríspórt are great for finding these routes. I can't even find them on so that says it all really :) Think it may be time soon to invest in a GPS watch.

Location: Spiddal Loop
Distance: 4.35 miles (7 km)
Pace: 8:28 p/mile
Time: 36:51

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