Friday, 10 February 2012

My first tempo run

This is something new for me, running for me was about finishing the route, not controlling my body in the process. So with my trusty Aldi HRM in hand, I set out to do a tempo run for the first time. The plan was to keep my heart rate comfortable for the first 15 minutes, push up towards my max heart rate in the middle section and bring it back down on the way home.

The heart rate monitor was fairly comfortable and forgot about it after a few minutes. I kept an eye on the heart rate for the first few minutes, keeping it at a steady 130-140 bpm as the first 10-15 minutes passed by. As I reached the 15 minutes mark I upped the pace and started to push my heart rate up, hitting the high 170 mark as I attempted to get faster. It was tricky to maintain a pace like this but felt a great degree of satisfaction keeping it going for 10-12 minutes. As the last few minutes of my tempo run came, i slowed down, with my heart rate coming back down to 140-150 bpm.

All and all a nice run, if somewhat an interesting experiment in controlling your heart rate.

Location: Carraroe
Distance: 6.2km (approx) / 3.86 miles
Pace: 9:05 p/mile
Time: 35:00

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