Thursday, 12 January 2012

"The one with the Duathlon, Half Marathon and the Adventure Race"

Right I'm back again after 6 weeks of pretty much eating, drinking and pretty much giving my body a kicking, and as the title suggests this year should be 3 resolutions I'd like to get done.

No. 1 - Complete a duathlon, have eyed the Conamara Duathlon on the 25th February as a target - simply because it is 5 minutes down the road from me and would love to give it a crack.

No. 2  - Complete my sub-2 half marathon, its a modest target I know, but am still a bit bugged about my 2:02 last year in the Galway Bay Half Marathon, and would love to just get that out of the way. I haven't settled yet on which half marathon to do though so that will have to wait and see.

No. 3 - Complete an adventure race, am considering the Sea2Summit, whether its the short or long course yet, am not sure.

So that's the plan, am starting by jumping into a beginners duathlon plan at Week 2 tomorrow in hopes that i'll be ready for the 25th February. Considering my cycling experience is very limited, am not quite sure what I'm letting myself in for, so let us see what happens.

All help, rambling, criticism, praise etc greatly appreciated again this year folks.

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